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100Gbps Network DPI, Content Extraction
Deep packet inspection (DPI) is an advanced method of examining and managing network traffic. It is a form of packet filtering that locates, identifies, classifies, reroutes or blocks packets with specific data or code payloads that conventional packet filtering, which examines only packet headers, cannot detect. DPI combines the functionality of an intrusion detection system (IDS) and an Intrusion prevention system (IPS) with a traditional stateful firewall. This combination makes it possible to detect certain attacks that neither the IDS/IPS nor the stateful firewall can catch on their own. Stateful firewalls, while able to see the beginning and end of a packet flow, cannot catch events on their own that would be out of bounds for a particular application
MongoDB Acceleration using Grovf's MonetX Platform
Databases provide a wealth of functionality to a wide range of applications. Yet, there are tasks for which they are less than optimal, for instance when processing becomes more complex or the data is less structured. As data is exploding exponentially only CPU based systems no longer provide real-time insights to businesses in a cost-effective way. At Grovf we designed a Monet – A FPGA based smart memory extension for near memory data processing. Monet implemented on top of Xilinx’s Alveo U50 acceleration card and once plugged into server’s PCIe bus acts as a standard RAM memory for the Linux operating system with in-memory compute API capability.
Security Log Analytics
Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging today because there are more devices than people, and attackers are becoming more innovative. Cybersecurity brings dual challenge of low-latency detection and remediation of advanced threats, and batch analysis of log data from servers, firewalls, applications and security systems. Considering how fast new threats and attacks emerge, Big Data performance and the use of new types of software and hardware accelerators is becoming more critical.
Financial Fraud/Risk Analytics
A fraud risk assessment is an essential element of an organization’s fight against fraud. The topic of risk continues to be of critical importance across financial services segments. While there are many forms of risk, the most common form of risk across all financial segments is surrounding cybercrime and fraud. There is also a post-financial crisis regulatory aspect of risk management that forces lenders to know precisely how much capital they need in reserve. Keep too much and you tie up capital unnecessarily, lowering profit. Keep too little and you run afoul of Basel III regulations.
User Sentiment Analytics
The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) is to make work and life more productive. But to do so, AI needs to better understand humans, which are the most complex organisms on Earth. A significant element of AI’s limitations, to date, is understanding humans and, more specifically, human emotion. In the past few years, however, accelerated access to data (primarily social media feeds and digital video), cheaper compute power, and evolving deep learning combined with natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision are enabling technologists to watch and listen to humans with the intention of analyzing their sentiments and emotions. A better understanding of emotion will help AI technology create more empathetic customer and healthcare experiences, drive our cars, enhance teaching methods, and figure out ways to build better products that meet our need

In 2018, there was generated more data than in the entire previous human history. Current processors have reached their physical limit and are not capable to provide the desired business value.


Dec, 06 one.title Grovf CTO presents Grovf MonetX platform at XDF China 2019

On Dec 4 at the China National Convention Center, the CTO of Grovf delivered a presentation on Grovf MonetX platform and on database acceleration in general. Accelerating FPGA based MongoDB with zero code change, Artavazd has shown how we manage to reach 3.5X for all stages of data aggregation.

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Dec, 02 one.title Grovf participates in Xilinx Developer Forum (XDF) 2019 China

After our participation in SPS 2019, we head to Xilinx Developer Forum (XDF) 2019 in Beijing, China. Join us Dec 4 at the China National Convention Center where our CTO will be delivering a presentation on database acceleration and Grovf MonetX. You can also learn how MongoDB gets accelerated 3.5X for all stages of data aggregation, based on Grovf MonetX innovative platform.

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Nov, 25 one.title Grovf as a participant of SPS 2019 in Nuremberg

Grovf currently takes part in SPS - Smart Production Solutions Nuremberg 2019, the leading trade show for smart and digital automation. As a part of Xilinx Stand, we demonstrate a demo under the title of on-premises Analysis of Massive Process Data, showcasing Grovf Industrial IoT targeted acceleration on Xilinx Alveo Adaptable Accelerator Cards.

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Oct, 06 one.title Grovf at World Congress On Information Technology (WCIT)

Grovf has been selected as one of 15 finalist startups for the World Congress On Information Technology and will be showcased at Lightning Round Sessions that WCIT hosts for the first time ever.

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Oct, 02 one.title Grovf has been featured at XDF 2019

Grovf has been featured as one of the partners extending the Xilinx ecosystem during XDF 2019 in San Jose.

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Aug, 22 one.title Press release: Grovf Inc. and Xilinx Inc. announce Accelerator program and Alliance partnership

Grovf Inc. is excited to announce a new partnership with Xilinx Inc., the leader of programmable logic devices and the most dynamic processing technology in the industry. In the scope of Acceleration program partnership, Xilinx and Grovf will engage in a strategic business relationship and offer high-performance solutions, performing faster than CPU.

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Jul, 22 one.title High Performance Computing course is officially over

Months ago Grovf launched High Performance computing course with 21 students shortlisting them from more than 100 applicants. The 2-month intensive course covered the topics of CPU-FPGA pairs, LUT, Pipelining, Logical schemes, provided basic knowledge of Heterogeneous Architecture/SYSTEMS, Verilog, C++, Linux and OpenCL.

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Feb, 18 one.title The first stage of a fruitful collaboration with European Commission is completed

We are proud to announce that GROVF accomplished one more milestone. The first stage of a fruitful collaboration with the European Commission is completed.

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Dec, 30 one.title Grovf wishes you a Great 2019!

With 2018 coming to a close, we want to take a moment to thank our clients and partners for being with us and wish a great 2019!

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Dec, 28 one.title Grovf in a pre-seed round by SmartGate VC. Granatus Ventures and US angels as investors

Grovf, the developer of Java Virtual machine accelerator SaaS, finalized the pre-seed round lead by SmartGate VC. Granatus Ventures and US angels are among the investors. The funds will be used for technical hiring and engaging first early adopters in the US market.

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Dec, 10 one.title Grovf at Xilinx Developer Forum

GROVF participates in the Xilinx Developer Forum, held in Frankfurt, Germany. The forum brought together about 1100 attendees and 80 speakers from around the world. Participants took part in the breakout sessions relating to the topics of hardware design, embedded system software, edge software development, cloud software development, and much more.

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Oct, 15 one.title The Secretary General of the ITU at GROVF

The Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Houlin Zhao, who arrived in Armenia at the invitation of the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, visited the Engineering City with the Minister of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies Hakob Arshakyan.

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Sep, 12 one.title Grovf at EIC Innovators’ Summit

On 10 and 11 September, Grovf took part in the EIC Innovators’ Summit held in Berlin. With a community of over 4000 companies, the summit gathered together representatives working in life sciences, renewable energy, healthcare, mobility, software development, material engineering, agritech and industry 4.0.

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Jul, 07 one.title Grovf’s presentation about Heterogeneous Systems

IoT phenomenon brings new challenges to traditional computing systems. The enormous quantity of data is being generated by different devices connected through the internet nowadays. Ability to capture and analyze all the data within a reasonable time range is a major challenge for data centers.

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Jun, 25 one.title Grovf wins the Award of a Funding Grant from HORIZON 2020

We are delighted to announce that Grovf was awarded a funding grant by Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Framework Programme. The award comes as part of an initiative aimed at research and innovation projects which are at the forefront of excellent science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges.

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Apr, 18 one.title Grovf in the world's largest industrial trade fair: Hannover Messe

Grovf has participated in world’s largest industrial trade fair: Hannover Messe. The world’s leading Trade Fair for Industrial Technology. All key technologies and core areas of the industry – from research and development, industrial automation, IT, industrial supply, production technologies and services to energy and mobility technologies – were presented in Hannover. This year’s focus was Industry 4.0 and Data.

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Mar, 20 one.title Our interview to Armenian Public Radio

Armenian Public Radio interviewed us about IoT, IIoT and the need for hardware acceleration for databases in the IoT era.

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Dec, 01 one.title 1 December 2017: Grovf at NI Days Moscow

Grovf participated to NI Days Moscow. We presented Grovf hardware accelerated database server and got big attention from big IT infrastructure system integrators. More about the event:

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