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High Performance Computing
As more computer activities migrate to cloud platforms and software systems become more standardized, companies are seeking methods to include HPC into their data operations. To execute HPC, data centers require computers and servers ready to handle large-scale data, as well as a nearly failsafe networking solution between them. The HPC cluster will be performing quadrillions of calculations per second, and the network infrastructure must be able to immediately sequence and analyze data
Storage Clustering and Disaggregation
The performance of local storage is combined with the flexibility of storage area networks in disaggregated storage. Modern storage clusters are moving forward to meet 100Gbps network infrastructure as the demand for data access performance and latency grows. High-performance links between storage nodes are a key component for building a disaggregated storage cluster solution. With this saying, RoCE V2 is a technology that enables data movement between servers providing both flexibility and performance at scale.
Memory Pooling
Memory pooling is a key component when building multi-master node computing servers to perform database operations. Often database systems have to make tradeoffs between data validity, availability, atomicity and read/write performance. This is due to the fact that generally database systems are designed with a single master node and there is no single memory pool that can enable multi-master node architecture.
Deep packet inspection (DPI) acceleration
Deep packet inspection (DPI) is an advanced method of examining and managing network traffic. It is a form of packet filtering that locates, identifies, classifies, routes, or blocks packets with specific data or code payloads that conventional packet filtering, which examines only packet headers, cannot detect. DPI combines the functionality of an intrusion detection system (IDS) and an Intrusion prevention system (IPS) with a traditional stateful firewall. This combination makes it possible to detect certain attacks that neither the IDS/IPS nor the stateful firewall can catch on their own. Stateful firewalls, while able to see the beginning and end of a packet flow, cannot catch events on their own that would be out of bounds for a particular application
MongoDB Acceleration via Grovf MonetX
Databases provide a wealth of functionality to a wide range of applications. Yet, there are tasks for which they are less than optimal, for instance when processing becomes more complex or the data is less structured. As data is exploding exponentially only CPU based systems no longer provide real-time insights to businesses in a cost-effective way. At Grovf we designed a Monet – A FPGA based smart memory extension for near memory data processing. Monet implemented on top of Xilinx’s Alveo U50 acceleration card and once plugged into server’s PCIe bus acts as a standard RAM memory for the Linux operating system with in-memory compute API capability.
Security Log Analytics
Considering how fast new threats and attacks emerge, Big Data performance and new approaches to data analytics acceleration are becoming more vital. Grovf offers hardware acceleration in the form of text processing FPGA cores and Open source software SDK, offering an effortless way to use powerful FPGA devices for vast amounts of security log analysis. FPGA reconfigurable chip, powered with Grovf's Regex, Exact Search and Similarity Search functions, allows organizations to analyze hundreds of megabytes of data in real-time and detect security alerts maximizing their time-efficiency.
Lawful interception at 100Gbps network speed
Grovf probabilistic matching and regexp engines bring previously unimagined real-time LI (lawful interception) and PD (Penetration detection ) capabilities in a single network card for 100G and 400G network speeds.
Financial Fraud/Risk Analytics
Through our financial data analytics acceleration, time resources maximization and cost-efficiency, Grovf helps financial sectors data engineers achieve incomparably better performance. As a result, the client companies make informed decisions, gain more predictable risk outcomes, save time, and establish a fraud-less trusted environment.
Big Data & AI Computing through FPGA acceleration
The necessity to manage and analyze the ever-increasing data volumes is among crucial business drivers that require the continuity of technological improvements. Grovf offers FPGA based acceleration solutions for Big Data
User Sentiment Analytics
The applications of sentiment analysis are broad and powerful, differing from voice of customer (VoC) to social media and brand monitoring, from customer service to market research. The growing complexity of such cross-sectional analysis and the unstructured format of generated customer data make this domain a subject of IT involvement.  Grovf helps you leverage your data analytics capabilities and achieve real-time performance for customer-centric and insight-driven decision making.

175 zettabytes of worldwide data is expected by 2025. Current processors have reached their physical limit and are not capable to provide the desired business value.


Aug, 01 one.title The 4th educational program was designed by Grovf to prepare young individuals to work on challenging projects in the field of high-performance computing chips.

A few months ago we selected 25 students out of 250 who were given the chance to expand their knowledge-base by participating in the course Fundamentals Of Digital Logic Design. They were taught by one of our top engineers who gained experience abroad. The course program included:

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Jun, 20 one.title BittWare, a Molex company and Grovf Inc. signed a Partnership Agreement within the framework of the Partner Program developed by BittWare

In the list of ten partners, among the industry leaders Intel; Atomic Rules; Enyx, etc., Grovf is listed as a developer of application acceleration and network offload solutions: this time with our low latency RDMA RoCE V2 FPGA IP Core for Smart NICs.

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Mar, 05 one.title Grovf participated in the MWC Barcelona 2022 event - the most influential event for the connectivity industry

MWC Barcelona is the largest and most influential event for the connectivity industry. Over the years it keeps gathering tens of thousands of senior executives from the top global companies, international governments, and tech businesses under one roof to exhibit ground-breaking products, demo new technologies and share inspiring thoughts.

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Jan, 03 one.title High Performance Computing among primary use cases of GROVF RDMA

At the end of 2021, when we released GROVF’s low latency RDMA RoCE V2 FPGA IP Core for Smart NICs, we aimed to address several use cases like storage clustering and disaggregation offload, HPC application offload, algorithmic trading, database memory pooling, and more. Although high-performance computing (HPC) was traditionally reserved for large organizations with the resources to construct these powerful computers, its ability to analyze massive amounts of unstructured data and derive meaningful business insights has made it appealing to a wide range of industries.

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Nov, 18 one.title GROVF Inc. releases low latency RDMA RoCE V2 FPGA IP Core for Smart NICs

GROVF team is extremely excited to announce that have released a low latency RDMA RoCE V2 FPGA IP Core for Smart NICs. This new IP core will democratize the RNIC market and enable FPGA-based smart NIC producers as well as system integrators to develop and deploy RNIC use-cases.

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Aug, 27 one.title Today we've summed up High Performance Computing vol.2

Today we summed up the High-Performance Computing vol. 2 course at GROVF. For more than a month, tens of students had a chance to expand their skills and High-performance computing knowledge in the field. The tutor of the program was one of our top engineers who took part of the previous course and managed to have exponential growth to lead the second one. After the successful completion of the final task, 1-2 of students will join GROVF and become an essential addition to our team.

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Aug, 12 one.title JICA program's coverage about GROVF

With the aim of improving cooperation between Japan and Armenian tech companies, JICA released a video touching on various Armenian startups and discovering their company culture. Having based our R&D office in Yerevan, we were glad to be part of this project and share our expertise about operating in Armenia. In the coverage, our Business Development Manager talks about our system-level designs, new technologies, partnerships and more.

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Jun, 07 one.title GROVF kicks off High Performance Computing course vol.2

We have great news for IT/engineering students Grovf is starting the High-Performance Computing course vol. 2. It was about a year ago when kicked off the first course with tens of students and eventually hired 2 junior engineers who had demonstrated the higher results as a result of an intensive learning program. In order to enrich the engineering expertise among young engineers, we decided to organize the second course and build foundations for the development of high-performance computing.

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Dec, 15 one.title GROVF Network security solutions already on the Xilinx website

Empowering network security measures at a hardware level has always been one of the key directions for GROVF. Given how quickly new threats and assaults evolve, Big Data performance and newer methods to network traffic management have been becoming highly essential. Grovf provides hardware acceleration and an easy approach to employ powerful FPGA devices for a wide range of security. applications.

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May, 29 one.title Grovf extends its security IP portfolio by Probabilistic search engine

Grovf extends its IP portfolio in the industry of Cybersecurity (including 100G #regexp core for #DPI and DDoS prevention). We introduce you Grovf Probabilistic search engine with tens of thousand rules supported at 100G network speed. The approach leads to TCO saving, minimizes the loss and network latency 100x.

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Apr, 03 one.title GROVF MonetX is featured by Xilinx for Mongo DB acceleration

GROVF is featured on the Xilinx website as an Alliance Member and Application Partner, this time with our MongoDB Acceleration based on MonetX that addresses the challenges of memories and off-chip interconnects. Thanks to its flexible and cost-effective architecture, this memory scaling technology is expected to be an attractive solution for corporate Big Data management. MonetX combines CCIX specifications with a proprietary fast network protocol allowing to expand the memory by tens of TBs per server while successfully accelerating in-memory computing workloads at exceptionally low latencies.

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Feb, 26 one.title Grovf takes part in HPCA 2020 | San Diego, CA

This time HPCA 2020 in San Diego, CA. Grovf takes part in the 26th International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture.

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Dec, 06 one.title Grovf presentation on Grovf MonetX platform at XDF China 2019

At XDF China 2019 we presented about Grovf MonetX & database acceleration. Grovf CTO showed how we reach 3.5X acceleration for all stages of data aggregation.

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Dec, 02 one.title Grovf participates in Xilinx Developer Forum (XDF) 2019 China

Grovf participates in XDF 2019 in Beijing, China. We will deliver a presentation on MongoDB acceleration (3X), based on Grovf MonetX innovative platform.

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Nov, 25 one.title Grovf as a participant of SPS 2019 | Nuremberg Messe

As a part of Xilinx stand, we showcased Grovf IIoT acceleration on Xilinx Alveo Cards & the roadmap to the acceleration of MongoDB object-oriented data management.

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Oct, 06 one.title Grovf at WCIT 2019 Yerevan | Lightning rounds

As one of 15 finalist startups at WCIT 2019 lightning rounds, Grovf presents our revolutionary approach to Big Data Analytics acceleration to the international audience.

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Oct, 02 one.title Grovf was featured at XDF 2019 San Jose

Grovf has been featured as one of the partners extending the Xilinx ecosystem during XDF 2019 in San Jose.

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Aug, 22 one.title Press release: Grovf & Xilinx in Accelerator program & Alliance partnership

Grovf Inc. will engage in a strategic business relationship with Xilnx Inc. & provide proven products to our mutual customers in various markets around the world.

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Jul, 22 one.title Grovf internship course on High Performance Computing is officially over

At Grovf we finalized the 2-month intensive course on the topics of CPU-FPGA pairs, LUT, Pipelining, Logical schemes, Heterogeneous Architecture/SYSTEMS, C++, Verilog, Linux and OpenCL.

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Feb, 18 one.title The first stage of a collaboration with European Commission is completed

The first stage of a fruitful collaboration with the European Commission is completed. The project allowed us to do research and implement the most creative ideas for Horizon 2020 research and innovation program funding.

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Dec, 30 one.title Grovf wishes you a Great 2019!

With 2018 coming to a close, we want to take a moment to thank our clients and partners for being with us and wish a great 2019!

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Dec, 28 one.title Grovf in a pre-seed round by SmartGate VC. and Granatus Ventures

Grovf finalized the pre-seed round lead by SmartGate VC. & Granatus Ventures. We will use the funds for tech hiring & engaging US first early adopters.

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Dec, 10 one.title Grovf at Xilinx Developer Forum (XDF) | Frankfurt 2018

GROVF participates in XDF 2018, held in Frankfurt, Germany. In the scope of an event, we shared experience with Xilinx representatives and discussed GROVF revolutionary approach of JVM acceleration.

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Oct, 15 one.title The Secretary General of the ITU at GROVF

The Secretary-General of the ITU, Houlin Zhao, visited the Engineering City and Grovf alike. He highly appreciated Grovf innovative approach of analyzing data and wished continued success with our startup.

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Sep, 12 one.title Grovf at EIC Innovators’ Summit | Berlin

Under the motto “Innovation Kitchen Europe '', Grovf did various pitches presenting GROVF NoSQL database acceleration based on FPGA and expanded our high-tech network.

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Jul, 07 one.title Grovf’s presentation about Heterogeneous Systems

Grovf CTO presented how the Heterogeneous Systems with the CPU-FPGA pairs can overcome the challenges that traditional computing systems face for today and for the future.

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Jun, 25 one.title Grovf wins the HORIZON 2020 Award of a Funding Grant

Grovf is the first participant from Armenia and the whole Caucasus, winning the Horizon 2020 grant of the EU Research and Innovation program, SME Instrument.

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Apr, 18 one.title Grovf at Hannover Messe | World's largest industrial trade fair

At Hannover Messe, Grovf had an opportunity to deliver a pitch and present our hardware-accelerated database technology to companies like Xilinx, Siemens, Airbus, etc.

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Mar, 20 one.title Grovf interview to the Armenian Public Radio

We were happy to share some insights into the Armenian Public Radio about IoT, IIoT and the need for hardware acceleration for databases in the IoT era.

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Dec, 01 one.title Grovf at NIDays Asia | Moscow

Grovf participated in NIDays Asia. We presented Grovf hardware accelerated database server and attracted a lot of interest from big IT infrastructure system integrators.

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