FPGA Cores and Host Drivers for Big Data Computing Acceleration

FPGA Acceleration for Big Data & AI Computing

Grovf offers products that accelerate big-data analytics and enable organizations to search and analyze the most critical data at speeds approaching real time.

The Grovf platform takes advantage of the versatile FPGA HWs to accelerate processing of computationally intensive big-data. We do this by accelerating middleware, so applications running on top of middleware get an automatic boost without any changes on the user application.


GCache is an FPGA-based key-value database to efficiently store and retrieve cached data. Network stacks are implemented on FPGA to receive data from fast speed networks completely bypassing any type of operating systems and software layers. Key-value store algorithms are implemented completely on FPGA to handle Memcached compatible operations. Direct connection with DRAM from FPGA is used to stream data to memory for storage and retrieve the data on demand.