Probabilistic search engine for faster computing

Fast analytics of 100G network traffic on a single network card without CPU involvement is crucial for several applications, such as Lawful Interception, Deep Packet Inspection and Network Monitoring. Some applications require tens of thousands of simultaneous rules to be tracked in real-time. Others require very complex regular expressions.

As a part of security solutions, Grovf offers GSearch. This probabilistic match engine is an implementation of the standard matching algorithm on the FPGA chip, achieving 100 Gbps throughput with a single IP core while supporting more than ten thousand simultaneous rules. Rules can be dynamically added, deleted, and changed on the fly.

Grovf probabilistic matching engine achieves 100 Gbps throughput regardless of the searching rule size and the number of rules (Maximum 13k rules at 100Gbps speed). In comparison, software implementations are much slower. Software speed decreases as the Rule size or a number of Rules increases. 


Key Benefits:

- 100 Gbps Throughput

- Host drivers and reference examples for using in C, Java

- Cross-packet matching capability

- Supports Cloud as well as on-premise cards


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100 Gbps

Throughput - Single Core


faster than CPU



Lawful interception at 100Gbps network speed

Lawful interception at 100Gbps network speed

Grovf probabilistic matching and regexp engines bring previously unimagined real-time LI (lawful interception) and PD (Penetration detection ) capabilities in a single network card for 100G and 400G network speeds.