Key value store acceleration to 20 mil query/s

Currently, there are more devices connected to the Internet than there are people in the world. The Internet of Things (IoT) evolves exponentially and as a result, increases the physical representations of data accessible via Internet systems. 


In view of the limitations of application memory size and their random-access nature, processors considerably lack energy-efficiency. Therefore, arises the need for dedicated hardware for IoT-generated data storage, effectively replacing software to accelerate the overall system.


Grovf offers GCache -  an FPGA-based key-value store designed to efficiently store and retrieve cached data. 


- Full line-rate processing up to 10Gbps in network applications 

- Increased efficiency of hash table memory usage

- Reduced number of PCIs and eliminated processing overhead

- 10X performance boost compared to Redis (100B packet size)

- 5-20X lower latency in comparison with Redis


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12.8 M

Requests per second

6 us


220 K

Requests per second/Watt

High Level Architecture of All-In FPGA Cache Server

High Level Architecture of All-In FPGA Cache Server