Today we've summed up High Performance Computing vol.2

Today we summed up the High-Performance Computing vol. 2 course at GROVF. For more than a month, tens of students had a chance to expend their skills and High-performance computing knowledge in the field. The program syllabus included:

- Basic concepts of pipeline, latency, unroll, and etc.
- CPU-FPGA pair
- Introduction to High-Level Synthesis
- Design Exploration with Directives
- Optimizing Structures for Performance
- Writing benchmarks
- Introduction to Xilinx Vivado
- Finalizing design with Xilinx Vivado 

The tutor of the program was one of our top engineers who took part of the previous course and managed to have exponential growth to lead the second one. After the successful completion of the final task, 1-2 of students will join GROVF and become an essential addition to our team.