Grovf participated in the MWC Barcelona 2022 event - the most influential event for the connectivity industry

MWC Barcelona is the largest and most influential event for the connectivity industry.

Over the years it keeps gathering tens of thousands of senior executives from the top global companies, international governments, and tech businesses under one roof to exhibit ground-breaking products, demo new technologies and share inspiring thoughts.

MWC Barcelona 2022  hosted over 61,000 attendees from almost 200 countries. It was the center of discussion and debate, the place where leaders in the mobile ecosystem continued charting the future to achieve the full potential of technology.


During the MWC Barcelona 2022, Grovf was presenting two of its flagship products Smart NIC with RDMA RoCE V2 support and WireHex Deep Packet Inspection & Analysis Tool.


The Grovf RDMA IP core and host drivers provide RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE v2) system implementation and integration with standard Verbs API. 

RDMA IP is delivered with reference design which includes the IP subsystem itself the 100G MAC IP subsystem, DMA subsystem, host drivers, and example application on software.  The system drivers are integrated with OFED standard Verbs API and are compatible with well-known RNIC cards and software. The system provides low latency FPGA implementation of RoCE v2 at 100 Gbps throughput. 

RDMA enables use cases such as HPC (high-performance computing), Database Master Scaling, and Low latency high bandwidth data center networking for Hyperscalars.


WireHex enables 100Gbps network real-time data analytics and the retrieval of sophisticated statistical information, reaching ~99% data visualization accuracy. Based on the Xilinx Alveo cards, WireHex acts as a transparent network device that performs advanced network analysis, DPI, and firewalling operations. It supports packet blocking based on network header parameters as well as the payload lookup using 20K user-defined rules. Wirehex enables ISP companies to analyze the network for different types of abnormalities and take an action at 100Gbps bandwidth.


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