GROVF MonetX is featured by Xilinx for Mongo DB acceleration


GROVF is featured on the Xilinx website as an Alliance Member and Application Partner, this time with our MongoDB Acceleration based on MonetX that addresses the challenges of memories and off-chip interconnects. Thanks to its flexible and cost-effective architecture, this memory scaling technology is expected to be an attractive solution for corporate Big Data management. MonetX combines CCIX specifications with a proprietary fast network protocol allowing to expand the memory by tens of TBs per server while successfully accelerating in-memory computing workloads at exceptionally low latencies. 


When connected to the server's PCIe slot, MonetX functions like regular RAM memory. It provides a simple API to the host layer for convenient use of the functions, thanks to its in-memory computation capacity. MongoDB gets accelerated 3.5X for all phases of data aggregation thanks to the MonetX smart memory extension and near-memory computing platform.


Learn more about the product here.

Check out the product on the Xilinx website.