Grovf in a pre-seed round by SmartGate VC. and Granatus Ventures

Grovf, the developer of Java Virtual machine accelerator SaaS, finalized the pre-seed round lead by SmartGate VC. Granatus Ventures and US angels are among the investors. The funds will be used for technical hiring and engaging the first early adopters in the US market. Grovf Java Virtual machine accelerator SaaS is planned to introduce in Q1 2019 on Amazon Web Services infrastructure and Xilinx Alveo boards.

About Grovf:

Grovf develops SaaS solution which allows Java software to be effortlessly accelerated on FPGAs. Java-based databases, Hadoop and other software are accelerated by 10x.

About Smart Gate VC:

Backed by Tim Draper and seasoned tech entrepreneurs, SmartGateVC is a venture capital firm targeting companies in Artificial Intelligence, Security and Internet of Things.

About Granatus Ventures:

Granatus Ventures, established back in 2013,  is the first venture capital firm in Armenia that provides investments, expertise and networks to start-ups worldwide that leverage Armenia’s potential as an emerging technology hub.