BittWare, a Molex company and Grovf Inc. signed a Partnership Agreement within the framework of the Partner Program developed by BittWare

In the list of ten partners, among the industry leaders Intel; Atomic Rules; Enyx, etc., Grovf is listed as a developer of application acceleration and network offload solutions: this time with our low latency RDMA RoCE V2 FPGA IP Core for Smart NICs.


Since its establishment, Grovf has been focused on solving tough challenges in the industry. It is our pleasure to announce the partnership with BittWare, a Molex company. RoCE V2 FPGA IP Core is to address end-users needs enabling them to use their NIC cards as RDMA cards as well and enable different other network usage use cases.

To learn more about the solution in the scope of Grovf - BittWare partnership, please visit:


 About BittWare



BittWare, a Molex company, designs and manufactures enterprise-class FPGA hardware that enables customers to deploy solutions quickly and with low risk. With 30 years of experience developing FPGA accelerators, BittWare is the only FPGA vendor-agnostic supplier of critical mass able to address enterprise-class qualification and lifecycle requirements for customers deploying solutions in volume. For more information visit:


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Molex is a global electronics leader committed to making our world a better and more connected place. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex enables transformative technology innovation in the automotive, data center, industrial automation, healthcare, 5G, cloud, and consumer device industries. Through trusted customer and industry relationships, unrivaled engineering expertise, and product quality and reliability, Molex realizes the infinite potential of Creating Connections for Life. For more information visit



About Grovf

Grovf is an application performance acceleration company through FPGA-CPU pairs, focusing on the development of basic programming algorithms on FPGA and creating the universal offloading platform in the application layer. The company is focused on data center/edge computing acceleration be it on the cloud or on-premise. The main industries and verticals the company is focused on are Enterprise Security, E-commerce, and Financial industries. For more information visit: